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About Us


Inland and coastal shipping face great challenges with respect to a significant reduction of greenhouse-gas and air-pollutant emissions resulting from the requirements stipulated in the European Green Deal and the Taxonomy Regulation as well as the fact that improved environmental performance has become a feature of ever-increasing importance to the sector in order to remain competitive.

The existing fleet operating on European inland waterways and in the respective coastal areas displays a great potential for greening, which can be unlocked by proper means of retrofit. Currently, different undertakings with respect to greening in the shipping sector as well as other sectors have been carried out or are ongoing. However, the solutions are not brought together in order to facilitate a roll out on a large scale.

This is the starting point of SYNERGETICS! The project aims at bringing together the relevant knowledge from different sectors, in particular the waterborne one. This will be realized by creating synergies between the leading research institutions in the field of ship hydrodynamics and energy transition, innovation centres and shipping industry associations, shipbuilding industry, regulatory bodies, vessel owners, and technology providers, as well as between different European regions. The goal is the provision of a consistent catalogue of developed and ready to deploy retrofit solutions which would facilitate and accelerate the green transformation of inland vessels and coastal ships.

Project ID

Project Facts

SYNERGETICS responds to the Call “HORIZON-CL5-2022-D5-01-04: Transformation of the existing fleet towards greener operations through retrofitting (ZEWT Partnership)”.

Grant agreement ID:  101096809
Action:  Innovation Action (Horizon Europe of the EU)
Start:  01.01.2023
End:  30.06.2026
Total cost:  7 162 920.68 EUR
EU funding:  4 184 312.03 EUR
Associated partners costs:  1 840 965.63 EUR (funded by UK and Swiss funding bodies)



DST – Entwicklungszentrum für Schifftechnik und Transportsysteme e.V. (DE)

SPB – Stichting Projecten Binnenvaart (NL)
Scandinaos AB (SE)
MARIN – Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (NL)
Viadonau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen-GmbH (AT)
TTS – Transport Trade Services GmbH (AT)
Kanzlei Anzböck (AT)
EUFRAK – Euroconsults Berlin GmbH (DE)
CRS – Croatian Register of Shipping (HR)

OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule (CH)
Argo-Anleg GmbH (DE)
FPS – Future Proof Shipping (NL)
Mercurius Shipbuilding BV (NL)
ZES – Zero Emission Services (NL)
Compagnie Fluviale de Transport (FR)
Sogestran (FR)
Koedood Diesel Service BV (NL)
CMB – Revolve Technologies Ltd. (UK)


Advisory Board

Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) Benjamin Boyer
Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology & Zero Emission Shipping Technology Association Jogchum Bruinsma
Large Engines Competence Center (LEC) GmbH Dr. Igor Sauperl
Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) Ruud Verbeek