Synergy between the ongoing pilot and research projects and SYNERGETICS

Synergy between the innovation centres and research institutes

Synergy between the shipping industry, and the regulatory bodies and policy-makers

Synergy between the shipping industry and other (transport) industrial sectors

Synergy between the shipping industry and energy providers

Synergy between the shipping industries of Rhine / Seine and the Danube / Elbe regions.


Key objectives

demonstration of the potentials of retrofit technologies in greening the existing fleets by retrofitting four existing ships in the course of the project duration

demonstration of the potentials of hydrodynamic improvements in greening of the existing fleets

demonstration of the value of digital assets in greening the existing fleets

integration of the knowledge on shipping decarbonisation and air-pollutant emission reduction technologies with experience gained in the pilot projects and in the demonstrations performed within SYNERGETICS, and establishment of the Catalogue of Greening Solutions

provision of up-to-date Scenarios to Policy-Makers and the Handbook to Vessel Owners for an accelerated greening of inland and coastal shipping

acceleration of the uptake of the greening retrofit solutions by streamlining regulatory procedures

propagation of the use of the Catalogue, the Scenarios, and the Handbook developed within SYNERGETICS beyond Western Europe