Innovation Action SYNERGETICS was presented at the RETROFIT55 forum, Posidonia Events 2024 in Athens, where Green Marine also shared their project outline.

These three projects are funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the EU and all address the potentials for greening of shipping by means of retrofit.

Due to the different focus of each project, they are complementary. A wide range of technologies and innovations is investigated and demonstrated, of which the shipping industry will benefit.

  • SYNERGETICS is focusing on new fuels, electrification, hydrodynamic improvements and power management systems.
  • RETROFIT55 is focusing hydrodynamic and operational optimisation and new technologies such as wind-assisted propulsion and air lubrication.
  • Green Marine is focusing on the possibilities of carbon capture and energy saving.

It was a great opportunity to share insights and developments. This will create synergy and accelerate our common goal to green the shipping industry.