On the 30th of May 2024, the EU-funded projects PLATINA4Action, SYNERGETICS & RH2IWER collaborated to host a workshop on sustainable inland waterway transport. The workshop was held on the premises of the Dutch IWT Trade Fair Maritime Industry in Gorinchem. To attract the local vessel operating community, the language of the workshop was Dutch. Because of this, a significant number of vessel owners/operators were amongst the more than 200 attendees. Feedback from the attendees proved the workshop to be a success.

The collaborating EU-funded projects were able to insert their specific needs for interaction with relevant stakeholders.

For PLATINA4Action, the workshop acted as its first Technology Transfer Workshop (TTW). In a series of TTWs PLATINA4Action wants to present vessel owners and operators with available technologies to green their vessels. With several technology providers and vessel operators explaining greening technologies, this mission was achieved.

For SYNERGETICS, the workshop acted as a workshop in the second work package where the mission is to find relevant greening pilots, gather their relevant lessons learned and stimulate interaction and information exchange between the operators of these pilots. With several pilot projects explained on stage and several other pilot projects attending, this mission was accomplished. Here, especially the network lunch after the event, proved to be a fertile ground for the sought-after interaction.

For RH2IWER, the focus was on the dissemination of hydrogen solutions, which was accomplished by RH2IWER partner Future Proof Shipping taking the stage and explaining their implementation of hydrogen on board of their vessels.

All projects were represented by partners both on stage and as attendees. The outcome of the workshop was positive and several attendees summarised the overall messages as “realistic, but hopeful” for sustainability in IWT. The collaborating projects will evaluate the workshop, gather lessons learned and look for potential options for similar exercises in other regions. The workshop was broadcasted, and this broadcast will be made available soon on the respective project websites.

More about PLATINA4Action: platina4action.iwtprojects.eu

More about SYNERGETICS: synergetics-project.eu

More about RH2IWER: rh2iwer.eu