The Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 will commence in Dublin on 14th of April.  For the Innovation Action SYNERGETICS this is the perfect opportunity to present highlights of the work carried out in the first year of the project’s lifetime to the numerous stakeholders attending the event. SYNERGETICS will be showcased at the WATERBORNE TP booth, where project partners are eager to create new synergies and visitors can enjoy the project’s animation video. Additionally, it will be promoted at the booth of the Swiss Federal Office of Transport FOT.

On Thursday 18th of April at 9am, the Technical 3.4.3 Environmental Sustainability session will feature a presentation of the paper titled ‚Exploration and synchronization of greening of shipping by means of retrofit: the SYNERGETICS perspective‘. The authors of the paper are Igor Bačkalov, Elimar Frank, Benjamin Friedhoff, Alex Grasman, Justin Jasa, Niels Kreukniet and Martin Quispel from the SYNERGETICS partners DST, OST, MARIN and EICB/SPB.

The paper presents the features and the possibilities of utilization of the unique database of pilot projects (“the Pilot database”) created within the scope of WP2 (Synchronization). Containing information on 185 inland and coastal shipping greening pilots performed or planned between 2008 and 2026, this comprehensive database enabled the identification of the trends in greening of inland and coastal ships.